Frank Arnold (4damind): Electronic+Smooth Jazz

Electronic with a pinch of Smooth Jazz :wink:

Directly from Cloudia:

Release site with download of the original version:

Really excellent piece, great arrangement and some lovely sounds…very sophisticated vibe. found the bass drum very annoying and think it distracts from the music in general, this is good enough not to need a thump goin on all the way through…well done…Kevin

Nice, I like it. I think I agree with shadowfax, I’d prefer a bit more of the bass and a bit less of the heavy hitting bassdrum. A more subtle kick would be fine in this case.
Cool track though!

Thank you guys for this friendly words.
Yes, you are right the kick was a bit too much… maybe a problem if mixing too long without take a time out :smiley:
I mixed the bass/drums again so the bass is over the kick (and the kick has much lower volume).

Thanks for you feedback!

Really cool stuff, quite relaxing although at times my mind did drift off and I wondered if a girl was gonna knock at the door to “fix my refrigerator.” :confused: I liked the percussive electronic sounds the most but overall a really nice combination of differing sounds. I did think that at 2:50 the melody could have been expanded a bit more. I also concur with the bass drum/bass volume comment.

Yes, its good as it is but a few female vocal samples mixed in the background would take it even further. Understanding that this may be far aground from 4daminds intent. Good work

I think it could work if the style of the vocal samples fit the electronic style. It’d certainly be interesting to hear.

I can’t fault really anything with this production as it sound house/club ready. I don’t really care for it personally as it sounds a lot like demos that come prepackaged in most keyboards.

iluvstrats writes
“I don’t really care for it personally as it sounds a lot like demos that come prepackaged in most keyboards.”

This is the same thing you said about a song I posted recently. I only point this out to ask if you’re sure that you’re able to distinguish the nuances in smooth music? Forget my song (please) but since you know this isn’t a song from a keyboard demo;how is this helpful? Wouldn’t it be the same as if I listened to alt country and said “I don’t like it,it sounds like every song I hear on Austin City Limits” You’d be safe to assume that the music ( alt country) was falling on deaf ears

Thank you, also for the different opinions!

I found this an interesting track. I liked it enough to share it out to may Facebook friends. Light and deep. The bass as stated before is heavy, but still a good piece of work and my friends enjoyed it too

IMO the kick is still a bit too “clubby”. Needs to be more subtle. Lower (pitch) and with a softer attack.

With the fairly high tempo, possibly take out some of the kicks too, because “four to the floor” seems a bit too much for the musical content. Sparse it up, not spice it up. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I think the hats and snare could do with being louder. On my little PC speakers I can barely hear the hats, and the snare is almost indistinguishable from the kick - I wasn’t even sure there was a snare there!

I’d suggest a higher pitch snare to make it stand out from the kick. Maybe introduce some harmonics to the bass line to make it more audible on small speakers…

I love it! Bass and kick sound fine to me, and I am CRANKING IT

I agree however about the hats – need to come up. They are the only rhythmic context in the song and as they are they’re way to far back. It needs some 16th note element to propel it forward

Nice work :sunglasses: