Fraunhofer mp3 encoder problem

I’m using Cubase Artist 7.5 and bought the Fraunhofer mp3 encoder which is on my USB licenser and seems to work fine in Cubase, but when I switch to WL8 Elements and try to save to mp3, it doesn’t work, the file just saves as .WAV even though I can select mp3 in the dropdown. Any ideas?

You need to run the installer for the mp3 extension as it has not been included in Wavelab Elements 8.

Okay, can you tell me how I do that in WaveLab 8 please?

I’m with Joey, What? :exclamation:

mr. roos - have you had trouble saving to other formats in WL E 8? I can’t save in any format other than .wav.

Well, this post is confusing me actually, Joey. I can save a mixdown in MP3 format from WLE8 - I thought everybody could. I read where Felipe said you needed to do something ‘special’ that I don’t remember doing actually. ???

So maybe Felipe or PG can give us an answer.

I should also add that setting WLE8 up for MP3 mixdown will seem kind of convoluted the first time you do it. After you select the ‘render’ slot/tab at the base of your mixer, a window will appear. The third tab on the bottom of this window will say ‘file format’. Click on this and then another smaller window appears. Click on ‘Edit’ in this window. Then another window will appear. This is where you make the changes necessary to commit and produce MP3 files. The first line asks you what kind of file type. Click on it and see your selections, choose MP3 in this case. There is more to be decided as you go through the next three tabs - but remember that this first line in this window MUST SAY MP3 if you want the LAST line to say ‘MP3…’

Does this make any sense? I think you are just experiencing some operator errors - which is why I added to the post. I did not understand what Felipe was suggesting to you. As far as I know, if you have WLE8, you can produce an MP3.

If you’ve done everything I’ve said, and still you cannot produce an MP3 then I am really confused. Ha! Let me know.

mr. roos, you were right, it was operator error. Thanks for straightening me out. Strange that it gives an option to save as in the file menu. In any case, I’m good to go now. Thanks.

Great, Joey, glad I was of some help. :slight_smile:

…Now I wonder what Felipe was saying… :question: