Freddy Holm - " I Need Time "

Hey all,

here’s a song I wrote and recorded in Cubase 6 today, by my lonesome.
I tried to make it sound vintage. ( again) :wink:
But still having a modern flavour… Or maybe the other way around…
Anyway, I’ve used tapesim-plugins on almost every track.
The drums and percussion are Toontrack plugins played with a Roland TD3.
Piano is a Imperfect Samples plugin.
The vocals, bass, guitar and lapsteel is the real deal :wink:

Hope you like the song.


Sounds pretty good Freddy. Good vocal. Nice solo. Good stuff :sunglasses:

Hi Freddy,

I played along with “I Need Time” through my latest all-valve guitar combo build. You’re more retro than you think - and that’s a compliment. Great stuff. :sunglasses:

Thanks Phil and thermionic,

I asked a friend today what makes us search for the “good 'ol” vintage sound.
I was expecting an answer like: Well it’s because it was better back then bla bla…
But he said: Because we’re getting old.
:laughing: :laughing:


Sounds great to me! You did all those harmonies? Well done. Really like your guitar playing as well.

Well, I must be getting old as well, 'cause I like it! :laughing:

Great job, sounds good!


Thanks guys!
Early 21, yup that’s me on the harmonies.
I think what you refer as guitar playing, is a lapsteel in this case, or did you mean the acoustic rhytm guitar :question:

I meant all of the guitar playing, including the lapsteel. Good stuff!

Ok, thanks a bunch :wink: