Free API550 style EQ from Overloud

Haven’t tried it yet - but I haven’t got any API 550 emulations, so this may be interesting.

Just had a quick play, it’s obvious it’s not a straight emulation of the 550 (four bands not three!) the frequency knobs all sweep (no detents) which I like, and there a solo switch for hearing the band you’re affecting - excellent - not that I have any experience with a real 550, but this EQ sounds nice at first hearing, is great for boosting or notching guitars (which is what I tried it on) and when pushed, it breaks up nicely, worked well on a send to add parallel distortion and top end sparkle (yes there’s a shelf switch too - top and bottom.) Well worth every penny of - er, nothing! :laughing:

Last day today - seriously get it - it’s a lovely EQ - really versatile.

Thanks for pointing this out, have installed it but not played with it yet.

I missed it. Would anyone mind sharing.

Is it okay to share?

Requests for links to, or support for, pirated/cracked software are expressly forbidden. Offending posts are liable to be removed and persistent offenders will be banned from the forums.

Share what? :confused:

You needed to make a request for a serial number within the proper time frame.

You snooze, you lose. You had your chance and you blew it, etc. …

BTW, it’s pretty sweet … especially for the price!


What are you talking about? it was a free eq. I didnt know how it worked. usually with free stuff you can back date it. I have done that plenty with magazines.

Never once mentioned pirating or anything of the sort.

I am sure the waves version will be just fine. Figured if I could grab a free one with extra bands that might be cool. Oh well

No worries, man. I doubt if it will make or break your mix. Always nice to have options, though. I need more EQs like I need more holes in my head … :slight_smile: .

Understood, and no offense meant. (It’s a $140 plugin.)

Can u clarify please? Was this post discussing pirated/cracked software?

Oh ok. Wow. 140. Yeh i meant no harm. My bad guys. Ill be quicker next time.