Free Application that creates a MIDI Device (ie Script File)

The application takes a file containing a program (ie patch or sound) list for a keyboard and creates a MIDI Device for Cubase 6. The MIDI Device is a Script File which is in .txt format.

The result is that while in Cubase, not only can you see all the programs that are available on your keyboard, but the programs are all categorized, so it’s easy to find a particular instrument or sound.

The application is set up to quickly create a MIDI Device for a Kurzweil PC3, however it can also be used to create Cubase MIDI Devices for other keyboards.

The program list has this layout:

| Program Number | Program Name | Category - Level 1 | Category - Level 2 | … | Category - Level 9 |

So an example of a program list would be:

Number-----Name----------------Level 1------Level 2----------Level 3

459---------Solo Trombone-------Brass-------Trombone--------Solo
190---------Sgt.Pepper Brass----Brass--------Trombone--------Trombone Sect
461---------Trombone Section–Brass---------Trombone-------Trombone Sect
462---------Dyn Orch Bones-----Brass---------Trombone-------Trombone Sect

Operating System: Windows 7
Software: Microsoft Excel 2010 (may work on other versions)

You will need to have Microsoft Excel in order to run the program.

I developed the application on Windows 7 using Excel 2010 and have not tested it on another operating system or another version of Excel.

It may work with other versions of Excel (The file has been saved in Excel 97 - 2003 format.) and other operating systems.

Forum user ID on Mastering V.A.S.T forum ( reports that it works on Cubase 5.1.

Forum user SpotlightKid on Mastering V.A.S.T forum ( reports that it works on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 using LibreOffice There was a minor problem with the location of the output file. SpotlightKid said:
“I entered the output file path in Unix path notations with forward slashes (’/home/chris/tmp/output.txt’), but it ended up being written to ‘/home/chris/tmp\output.txt’ - notice the embedded backward slash - i.e. in my home directory instead of the ‘tmp’ sub-directory”

Since the program uses VBA, I don’t think it will work on a MAC.

If you are a MAC user, you may want to download this application since:

  • • while you may not be able to generate a Script File, you will get an Excel file with all the programs on the Kurzweil PC3 (Version 2.20) organised into categories. This makes it easy to find programs.

• you can arrange the programs into categories of your choosing, then email the file to a user with Windows 7 and Excel 2010 (or equivalent), then the recipient can run the application with your input data and email you the Script File that was generated. This Script File will work on the MAC.

You need to place the file in this folder:

C:\Users<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6_64\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\kurzweil

Replace with your actual user name.

/Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase 6/Scripts/Patchnames/inactive/kurzweil/

Replace with you actual user name.

(Note: In MAC OS X the library folder is hidden in the Finder and you need to hold down the OPTION key while opening the GO menu to see it.)

If you have any problems or suggestions, contact Lester Crombie via email.

Subject: MIDI Device Script Maker ; ;

Example of a Subject heading: MIDI Device Script Maker v1.01; Windows 7 Pro; Excel 2010
MIDI Device Script Maker (488 KB)
PC3_V220_Category.txt (39.2 KB)

Hey thanks! Looks interesting; think I’ll dive into it later this week. Will let you know how I go.

Sexy, I might just try this :slight_smile:

Many thanks for this! It works perfectly and frees up my workflow very nicely.
I haven’t tried the app, but am just using your script for the PC3 (actually on my PC3x).

Can’t get it to work in C7.
Seems the formatting is different.

[p2, 0, -1, -1] Exciter MS

Excel Generator:
[p0, 1, 0] Exciter MS

Gonna keep tinkering as I have a lot of Outboard gear that I really want to incorporate into C7.

btw,BIG Thx for the project!

HI Royal1

To fix your problem I will need to write some extra code.

Would you kindly send me this information:

  • MIDI Device Script Maker Version: eg V 1.00
    Cubase Version: eg Cubase 7.01
    Microsoft Excel Version: eg 2003, 2007, 2010
    Operating System: eg Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    Keyboard: eg Yamaha XF8, Kurzweil PC3x
    A Script File that MIDI Device Script Maker created
    A sample (or samples) of a Script File for your keyboard that is correct.

My email is:


Thx so much for taking the time. I ended up sorting it out by using the Steinberg PS Maker along w/ Excel and my Soundiver for my Virus.
It was all just some copy and paste.

I will still send you the files/info you requested.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • MIDI Device Script Maker Version: V 1.01
  • Cubase Version: Cubase 7.01
  • Microsoft Excel Version: Office Pro+ 2010
  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Keyboard: Access Virus C, Roland XV5080, Roland JV2080, Korg TritonPro

Thanks again! :wink:

Has anyone created a script for the pc3k with the kore64 board installed? I’m on a Mac and this app doesn’t work

Lester, thank you for your post.
The links to the scripts are currently not functioning.
Is it possible to refresh them?
Will the MIDI Device file work for newer versions of Cubase?
Is there a way to generate MIDI files for keyboards other than Kurzweil PC3’s?
Thank you in advance.