Free Cowbell VST

Now before you laugh:

It can be downloaded free here:

Just what we need, more cowbell.

Pretty good stuff, finally a quality cowbell VSTi. Those other “freeware” cowbells are OK, but I’ve never been happy with the resonance control (or lack thereof).

Having said that, I really wish there was a “true” stereo version available, not like you need to dial one up all the time, but it is a pretty awesome tool to have when the occasion calls for that “Cowbell from Heaven” sound!

Unless there’s a way to somehow make a stereo version from 2 mono tracks?


I could just take a tape recorder into the pasture behind our house and record the real thing

“Swiss cows”

That’s what we hear pretty much 24/7 in the summer. Enough to drive you ding dong. :smiley:

They need to come out with a Bruce Dickinson Signature Edition

Poor cows, having to listen to that all day, right next to the ear 'ole :wink: !


This is absolute genius - I think I just wet myself laughing :laughing:

Something the ‘Justified Ancients of Mu Mu’ (a.k.a KLF) would appreciate - I so gotta make a song with this!

Awesome discovery Bane :sunglasses:

Kat :slight_smile: