Free Cubase update from Ai11 to Ai12

Can i upgrade for free from Ai11 to Ai12 ?

Yes, check out this article:

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I have just added an update to Cubase AI 12 to your account. You can just install Cubase AI 12 from the Steinberg Download Assistant and get started. Have fun!

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Many thanks, Matthias :slight_smile:


I purchased my UR44C with Cubase AI 11 license (based on eLicenser), however there was no point in time i received any code by email to redeem Cubase AI 12. It could be my own fault because I’m systematic about not subscribing to newsletters etc :wink: Official support redirects to distributors (who surely cant help) so I bug you back here :slight_smile:

Can I still redeem the Cubase AI12 somehow? I’m migrating to a new workstation and it would be a nice bonus!

Have a good day!


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