Free Cubase version ?

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I’m new right here. Firs of all my apologyes for my English :unamused:

Well, I’d like to know if actually is there any fully free version of Cubase.

I would like to use something like Cubase LE, but I need to have an Steinberg product to download it. I have no Steinberg products right now. My hardware is M-Audio soundcard , Yamaha monitors and keyboard, and Akg microphone. But nothing more else.

Well, thank you in advance !! …I hope I can come back soon and make some nerd questions :laughing:

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Hi and welcome,

No, there is not Cubase free version. As you noticed, you can get Cubase OEM version (LE or AI) with some hardware products. Isn’t Cubase bundeled with your Yamaha speakers?

Hi Luis…

Don’t forget about the (30) day free trial version of Cubase Elements 8 that you might want to try.


Not sure… I purchased my Yamaha MSP3 monitors in 2003… I don’t know id Steinberg and Yamaha wad on tat days any commercial agreement… :confused:

argh I just cleaned out a drawer the other week, I had 3 licenses I never was going to use and threw them out. I might have more, I have to look through some boxes.


there is a German magazine “Keys” that has Cubase 8 LE included (DVD) for less than 15.00 EUR. You can order it here.

This is the cheapest way to get a Cubase infinte license. LE does not support many features of the bigger versions but it gives you a good start. Fully operantional, accepts VST instruments/effects (also from other vendors), a lot of midi and audio tracks. It is limited in the number of audio tracks you can simultaneously record (if you have an appropriate audio interface) to 8 tracks. I think, there is no support from Steinberg but you can get support here in the forum.