Free Dorico viewer/printer?

Daniel and team,

Are there any plans to eventually offer a free view-only Dorico version that allows viewing, listening, and printing scores?

I suppose listening would be difficult, since that would mean making the sound libraries available for free. But viewing and printing be nice.


Dan, Dorico Elements 2 comes pretty close to what you would expect. You can view all Dorico files, you can print, you can playback, and as a bonus you may even edit (if it is less than 12 players).
Ok, it is not completely free, but it comes close to it with 99$ …

I’m sure Dan is thinking more in terms of the old scorch plugin for Sibelius or something akin to some of the online viewers. It’s not a bad idea; I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes eventually but I doubt it is pressing.

Good idea, anyway…

(I love the application, but I would like to be able (at least) to print from my laptop without the dongle…)

SV, this is exactly my strategy, I bought Dorico Elements 2 especially for my Laptop - so I can use it on the road without a dongle.
… while being on the road, I even updated to version 2.1 and was so involved that (having come back home) forgot to update my main Dorico Pro 2 application on the desktop computer … :unamused: