FREE Eventide EQ Plugin

This should technically go in the plugins section but figured it would probably get more views here…

Free till Sept 31st… Enjoy!


Very appreciated that you share!


Cool plugin, can use it to solo individual formants. Thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks for the reminder. Got the email yesterday, but already forgot about it! Just downloaded, authorized, and installed. Launched Cubase to make sure everything looked peachy, but have yet to give it a whirl.

What a great and innovative plugin! had the mail too yesterday, highly recommended

Thanks! I will be getting this.

I grabbed this item earlier today, it’s very good. :sunglasses:

Just tried it. Very good!

Thanks, excellent plug-in. Interesting they reference the Mel scale. I’ll have to work with it and read the OM, but it seems very straightforward. Sounds smooth.

…And they have very kindly (and QUICKLY… see it CAN be done)released a VST3 version here…

Caution the typo in OP … there is no September 31st!

The side-chain EQ Match is a very nice feature. It is very quick and easy to match an EQ from a reference track.