Free film footage sites

I tried to search for some useful free footage as a background for some music, which I know is ass backwards but that’s not important right now, in the words of Leslie Nielsen.
Anyways …
I sort of hope I completely suck at searching for this because all I could find was utterly useless and completely random SMALL collections of … stuff. Don’t ask me what those who so kindly uploaded this thought anybody could use those clips for. Most of it was like “Wow, I have a new camera! I gotta shoot … something! Yup, it works. Cool! I can’t wait to see the world react to this clip on the web!!!”
Brown dog.
Car on mountain road.
Austrian flag.
Coca Cola cans.
:unamused: :laughing:

If I suck at finding this then there maybe are a few of you out there who has done this before and cares to share a link or two. Any free film footage sites out there worth recommending?

Thank you very much! :sunglasses:

I have no experience in that field, but It might be easier if you could elaborate a little on what you are looking for. Do you want to tell a story? Real-life footage or animation? Do you want scenes (like the examples you mentioned, or more artsy stuff? Action or relaxed mood? Etc.

If you have a digital phone or camera you could roll your own any time the mood catches and if it fits your brief.

I haven’t tried it but someone mentioned that he can grab clips off YouTube. I think you need an account but whether that’s the same as the upload account I don’t know yet. I haven’t noticed but it could be something you pay for. :question:

Are you friends with Phil Donald on facebook maybe he is still here (philter)? He used royalty free footage for a lot of his music videos.


That looks interesting, thanks! :mrgreen:


AND… used in my latest vid I found some free (for non-commercial use) offerings on Youtube as well. Go here to grab Youtube clips:

Hope that helps!

Totally awesome :sunglasses:

Oh, heeeey! :sunglasses:
Thanks everybody, especially Ian, that should be enough from your list alone!
Now I have something to chew on for a while! :confused: :laughing:
If it was just for my own amusement I could have used youtube.
Hopefully I could use the final result outside my computer … for a start …
So it has to be from free sites.
Let the chewing begin! :sunglasses:

Not really a concern for those of us who were never ever radio stars to begin with! :smiley:

>>As a result of this thread, I created this<<

The footage I shot with a P&S. The explosion I got online and keyed out the green. Music recorded on a beach in Jamaica.


I forgot to add:

Explosion footage was found here. Was a bit tricky to key is and make it look a part of the original footage but I think it turned out well. Here is the page:

Thanks for the inspiring thread!

lol Tom :smiley:

Nice! :smiley:

Yeah, those are the ones. I downloaded their entire free collection. Love the exploded body parts, but haven’t actually found a use for them… yet :smiling_imp:

Perhaps you could do a tune about “one too many feature requests” and utilize them here for the lounge! :laughing:

“A feature request, a thread obsessed” - yeah…could be a song and explosive dismembering video in the making :mrgreen: