Free Foley Essentials Library from Pro Sound Effects for all Nuendo 12 users

Dear Nuendo users,

as a token of our gratitude for your loyalty and continuous support, all Nuendo 12 registered users can download the “Foley Essentials” library from Pro Sound Effects, for free.

To access this free library, please log-in to your MySteinberg account and on the new “Vouchers” section, you will find your code. Just click on “Redeem” and you’ll be directed to the Pro Sound Effects Library’s website, where after filling a short registration form, you’ll get your download link to this fantastic sound library.

Oh! And if you haven’t registered Nuendo 12 yet, you can do so until November 16 to receive this voucher for free.

Thank you all again for choosing Nuendo 12!

All the best,


Thank You!!! Just downloaded

Great stuff!

How long did it take to get an email with the download link? It’s been several hours for me, and still no email. I’ve had to create a ticket with Pro sound Effects.

This is fantastic!!! Thank you! :raised_hands::tada:

I’ve clicked on Redeem and was directed to the ‘Pro Sound FX’ site but no “short registration form” appeared. I can’t find it anywhere. Has anyone managed to download this library? I get offers to down load the free browser software with 2,000 free sounds but not the Foley FX.

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Maybe you have an ad-blocker installed in the browser?
I had to unblock prosoundeffects com in “uBlock Origin” to see the registration form.

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Ah, yes, an Ad-blocker…and normally the culprit.

Thanks, that worked…!

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Thank you!

Thank you Very Much @Luis_Dongo
Best Regards
Michel Blanchet

Over a day now and still no download email. Nothing in my spam. Nothing deleted. Not even a word from their support people. I have uBlock origin active but I still got the form to fill out and clicked download… Nothing. What gives?

check your junk folder

Thank you so much!!

Thank you SB!

Hi Michael. Already done that. Nothing has been caught by spam filters

I don’t know what they do at ProSoundEffects.
I registered. I tried the token, but it was denied.
And no email is coming.
Perhaps a matter of MacBook Pro m1 with safari?
Do they shutdown their servers on weekends?

Here is the link to the form needed

I finally got mine today. Had to use my business email address rather than my daily one. Interestingly there has been no word from them (Pro sound Support). This raises the question though, is it Pro Sound, or my ISP who controls my daily email address, and what else just disappears without a trace? Note also that today, 5 spam messages arrived… 3 got through to my inbox. Technology… Yay.