Free Guitar Harmonics - where do I get the activation code? Not in an email

Hi, I recently downloaded the free Guitar Harmonics and Alto Glochenspiel VST’s for Halion Sonic but can’t find acivation codes anywhere. I was expecting an email with them. Now I get an error when opening Cubase saying some content could not be loaded - license missing’ . Does anyone know I can get an activation license? I have Cubase 11 pro and Halion Sonic. Many thanks. Simon

I just tried from here …
Free VST guitar: Guitar Harmonics Essential | Steinberg
and here …
Free VST: Alto Glockenspiel Essential | Steinberg

From both pages I received a message after hitting the “DOWNLOAD FOR FREE” button to check my email for activation codes and download links. No emails coming in as of now.

I do already have both licenses on my main USB-eLicenser, but I also have two others (well, three, actually). Shouldn’t I be able to get another set of codes?

It’s actually not that important to me, but I thought I would try just to see what happened and to possibly help you out. Unfortunately, my results are the same as yours. I’m not sure what to suggest.

They send you an email with the activation codes for both products.

That is not something that should be required, however.

It works – I got codes from them yesterday.

That’s cool, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Steinberg should provide the codes. And, in fact, they have in the past. It’s been a while since I received codes for these so I can’t remember the exact process at that time. It might have been before the Steinberg Download Assistant even existed. Anyway, if I click on something from the Steinberg website which gives me a message to check my email for an activation code and a download link I would expect to receive that email.

On both Steinberg pages there is this:

This leads to the CI Contact Support email – they’re happy to send you codes. I think Steinberg will only send the code to your email once.
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Okay, since you fail to understand the point of my statements I’ll just back out of this one until either the OP or Steinberg responds.

On a related note, this really shouldn’t even be in the Cubase section …

My theory is that Steinberg only send 1 code per Steinberg ID for each of the products or there is an error with them sending the codes. I went through it too and found the address to get the codes from the source. They get back to you in 48 hours:
In the end they’re freebies and Steinberg don’t owe us anything with these ones. There’s nothing to be upset about though as everyone can get codes. Free stuff to make music with — Happy Days! A lot of life is a work around. Peace. Love and great tunes!!!

Did I come across as being upset? :confused:

Again … you are missing the point.

It’s great that the content provider will provide codes. Fantastic! That shouldn’t be how it works, though, when someone receives a message saying one thing and then absolutely nothing happens in return.

What part of that don’t you understand?

Just let it rest already … jeeez, loueeez. :roll_eyes:

Edit: Ooops, I said I’d back out. Sorry.

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All good mate!

Kind regards,

I downloaded but never got a code. And I’m not going to email anyone to beg for a free product.
I’m not mad at them, at all. I just put them on the list of incompetent content provider’s . If they can’t handle free stuff, how can I trust them handling the expensive stuff.
Free stuff is a great way of promoting a company, but it has to be bullet proof or you will get the exactly opposite result.

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