Free Halion library for MPE controllers like Roli Seaboards

Hi all,

You have a MPE instrument like the Roli Seaboard (Rise/ Block) or a Linn? Check out my halion library Dimension V. It works with H6, H Sonic and SE in your Cubase. It’s free, as it’s my Xmas gift :wink:

See if you like it and if it works well on your controller. I hope you can appreciate the sounds (and the hours of work that have gone into it…lol) If not, just toss it, like you’d do with all Xmas presents you don’t like :wink:

You can find the download in the description of this 'teaser video.

Enjoy and Happy holidays,

LuLu M

Great thanks, I shall give it a go

Thank you…

You’re welcome. I hope you’ll enjoy :slight_smile:

I watched the Video, but the link doesnt work.
How could I get this fabolous presets?
Thanks for reply!!

Hi Whitelight,

Sorry, yes I must have deleted the link by accident. I’ve put it back up for those who want it.!Ao5r7Mz_5rhOhJZhjFSW6xMRmXOmvQ?e=ap9OK0

I didn’t tested the link as not in my studio for a while, but I guess it must be OK :wink:

LuLu M