FREE Halion Sonic SE3 and others


So, there i am on youtube, poking around, and i see tutorials showing how to get Halion and a few other things for CuBase for free, and with a license.

Okay, what’s going on?
I saw a tutorial on how to download Halion Sonic SE3 and it gives the license, too.
Are older Halions, and other things, available for free at some point?


Other things? what are other Things :unamused:
No probably they are not. But you very easily look that up yourself on the Steinberg page.

The point of Halion Sonic SE 3 being free is to allow users to make sample libraries that can be used by anyone.

The free version of Halion Sonic SE 3 comes with no content, and so will not include the new FLUX wavetable synth added with Cubase 9.5 or any future new content.

The only Steinberg VST instruments that can be downloaded for free are:

-Halion Sonic SE 3 (no content)
-VST Classics Vol. 1 (Model-E, VB-1)
-VST Classics Vol. 2 (Karlette, Neon)
-Wolfgang Palm’s Plex 2

Everything else you find is illegal. Cubase users can also use the old Cubase SX plugins, but using them is not recommended because they don’t work in newer versions and they either sound worse or are made completely redundant by the modern alternatives included with Cubase Pro.

Hi Romantique,

I am not sure what i am seeing as i am very new to the 2018 world of CuBase. I only used to use CB back in 2001. I was mostly using CuBasis VST version 1.0

In Youtube, if you just poke around, you will see what i am seeing.

For example, i saw this the other day:

When you say the following :
-Halion Sonic SE 3 (no content)
-VST Classics Vol. 1 (Model-E, VB-1)
-VST Classics Vol. 2 (Karlette, Neon)
-Wolfgang Palm’s Plex 2
are available for free, do you mean i can download them and use them with Pro 8?
Are these other (free) VSTs you have mentioned included in what comes included with Pro 8? What i am asking is,let’s say an older Halion, or whatever, has a sound called “dynamite piano C# note”, will the next version of Halion include that “dynamite piano C# note”?


Yes, you can download them and use them with Cubase Pro 8. They’re not included with Cubase, except for Halion Sonic SE 3 which is included with Cubase 9.5 as you can see here:

Halion and Halion Sonic SE aren’t the same thing. The very old versions of Halion you used are samplers, they can load and play any .wav as an instrument. Halion Sonic SE can ONLY load the instruments included with Cubase and existing libraries such as Halion Symphonic Orchestra or Hypnotic Dance.

The successor to the old Halion sampler is Halion 6, which includes a newer higher quality instrument library that’s almost completely different from Halion Sonic SE:

No version of Halion ever included that piano sound you mentioned. It’s probably a loop or part of a sample library that you downloaded way back then. If you still have the file, you can load it using Groove Agent SE 4 (included with Cubase) or Cubase 9’s new Sampler Track.

Hi Romantique,

Thank you, for all of that info. Interesting. I’ll have to go to youtube to see if i can find demos on the (what are they called?..plugins?) that you said are free.

Correct. There was no piano sound like i mentioned. Not even in the Cubasis VST version 1.0 i once used back in 2001 (and still have in the box for some reason).
When i mentioned “dynamite piano C# note”, i just made that name up. It was just a crazy, fictional name i thought of, to say as an example.
What i was asking in regards to that was this: When a new halion comes out, does the NEW halion contain the sounds of the previous halions along with the new sounds?
If not, what does someone do when they want to use a sound from an older version of halion when that sound is no longer “supported” in the newer halions?

I doubt it would be a huge problem to include the older halion sounds into the newer halions, as well. I mean, it’s just data, right? There could be a “group of sounds” titled “old halions” in newer halions. It must be easy to add/fix.
Uh oh! I hope you’re not a programmer.
Oh no, did i make you die? Oh no, what have i done?


I don’t know why i still have this.
In 2001, i made a 60-minute-long demo CD with this.

Box front

Box inside

Box side

Manual cover

Inside manual

Inside jewel case 1

Inside jewel case 2

Back of box

Yes, it works like this:

Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE (both included with Cubase) have all the sounds included with Cubase 4 and above.

Halion 6 (paid plugin) has all the sounds from Halion 4 and above, as well as everything from the full paid version of Halion Sonic (full Halion Sonic has different sounds from Halion Sonic SE)

Halion 6 owners can request a “Halion 5 add-on license” from Steinberg support, which will allow you to run Halion 3 and its content, which includes everything from Halion 1 and Halion 2. You can download the content from the Steinberg FTP:

This content can also be loaded by Halion 6, but you’ll need to request this add-on license first. The Absolute 3 VST collection already includes the add-on license, so if you buy it you can load the old Halion 3 content right away:

i’ve got Cubase 9.5 Artist on MAC osx
recently i’ve downloaded HALion Sonic SE 3 from the official website. So the software come with no sounds, but is there any free basic sounds available? I dont need a big collection, i just want the basic drumkit and basic GM sounds.