Free help half a year?

When I got to know Dorico when it was brand new, I remember reading 24 hours of help, half a year after buying the program.

This led me to not buy the program, because I needed this “help” later.

I wonder if there is free help in the six months after you purchased the program?
I can not find any information about this today.

What you refer to is probably the Steinberg Zero Downtime service, please read here about it:

Other than that we also have the usual Steinberg Support:

And this user forum here of course is also 24 hours, 365 days a year open :slight_smile:

Ok so I’ve probably read wrong when I thought it was 24h help from professionals (not forum help)?

I don’t know what kind of “professional” help you require.
Even here in this forum you get professional help, because even the developers themselves answer here, same as the many many users that also work professionally with Dorico.
So we try to help as quick as possible, but of course can’t guarantee instantaneous response.
You could also ring in to our Steinberg Support Hotline, but you have to respect the opening hours (which are NOT 24h/365d)

Well, toffla, Dorico has the best help service I have ever seen since I use computers — make it 31 years now !

I am not a young man but am so happy that I have lived to see this program come to light. it’s not really a notation program but it is a composition program and with each day of using it and with every update it is more intuitive and useful as a composition program. It is expensive for steinberg and it is expensive for the user but every day it appears to be more of a miracle. answers may not be handed to us but with the developers, forum and just playing with it, most of the answers come. patience.

The forum has been so important for me in learning Dorico. I pick up so much information from the videos and reading the Version History. But sometimes when an answer is needed a quick search on the forum will often lead to the answer. If not, I post the question. Often, not only do I get the answer, but several people will chime in with additional ways to achieve the desired result, which is due to Dorico’s flexibility as well as the collective knowledge-base of its users. It’s almost better than having a designated Dorico Power user beside you, because you get to learn several ways to use the program! And of course, Daniel, Ulf, and other Steinberg employees are at the ready anytime help is needed. And you can tell that the developers view their work as so much more than just work!