Free Iconica Template here for Cubase

Created by me.

Some notes:

1] Expression maps loaded.
2] All tracks disabled and hidden for start up. Everything is folderized. Each type of instrument has its own group. These groups feed to master groups lie Master Strings - both group types - the instrument and the master groups are color coded differently
3] In case you wonder what the music is, its utter garbage, musical graffiti to just there to ensure some kind of sound is made per track.
4] The first bar is there to initialize CC. You may wish to keep that
5] Colorized
6] The first Track is a piano I use for demos called TruePianos. You probably do not have this and could simply delete the track, but if your interested there is a free 30 trial on their website, its pretty good. This is the only non Iconica instrument
7] One instance of Halion Sonic SE3 per instrument

It probably will need tweaking for your system. Your sound device is different to mine

Tested in Cubase 11. Anyways enjoy!Ai7g90pI7-tKgeEhvSQht_zKaquYzA?e=KglxSK

Hi, it’s sounds great but the link you provided doesn’t exist anymore…
Could you please send another link ?

Try this:!Ai7g90pI7-tKgtkP8JTYgTZswkyv9g?e=vMhKer


Great work @ZeroZero. I know how time consuming this is! Thank you for sharing it.

I have a MASSIVE one on the way - a thousand tracks, mostly orchestral. Keep your eyes peeled

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Ouch! :laughing:

The second link was just fine.
Great job ! A thousand tracks… sure I need to upgrade my RAM and screen for bigger sizes ! :sweat_smile:

I have a couple of 49" TV’s here - cheapest is fine. Fantastic. Follow me, there is another template coming, more advanced. Will take me at least 2 weeks full time to create

That’s nice, thank you.
I will definitely check this out.
But now I’m concerned: what if I just completely love the music you used in your template :wink:

The music is simply graffiti to test the range and the articulations

Here is the big one! My free Master Template - note expression maps


Hadrian, I am still working on this template (and will probably never finish). The copy I uploaded has the master stereo turned down - I do this so as not to fatigue my ears. The copy is also not yet balanced.

Very nice indeed, thanks a lot! It only took some basic tweaks to get it rolling on my system. If I make any customizations I will sure share it here. :grinning:

Hallo XMAS Present,

Thank you for your incredible work.
I m simply not intelligent enough to cope with the creation of expression maps in such an extend…thank you…man …you helped me so much…the best thing that happened this stupid year


I have cleaned up quite a few errors and improved the template. The new version is here. I also updated the original link. The read me seems to have disappeared:!Ai7g90pI7-tKg4JdM1jo1hq5whPBsg?e=7kWTn9

Currently over 1600 tracks, (disabled).


Awesome work, thank you!.. and Happy new Year 2021

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