Free Multi-timbre GM Sound-Library Airfont380 Final for HALion SE

airfont380 Final for HALion SE that I’d created(manually converted).
Now, You can download and use it.

Thank you for sharing that. I have some problems to get this working. I can install it, it’s there but after I choose it, there is no programm to load. I’ve tried all 3 Halion Versions, different folders but nothing happened. Any ideas?

The problem came from “HALion Sonic SE Layer”.
If you have an account in facebook, see below.

If you didn’t have it, summary is here.


Hi, nice sounds, but people maybe will have problem changing load layer instead of program… (screenshot). I think it is better to export programs not layers into final library…

The administrator gave me an advice how to make program layered library.
I’m trying to do it. TY. :blush:

I fixed it. Now, You can get “program-layered” Airfont380 Final For HALion SE from same link to microsoft OneDrive. I decide “not recommend” first release version of it. You’ll see like below in share drive. Screenshot 2021-09-07 170730

Downloading now.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thanks, now it works.

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Threw together an H6 program table for this real quick.
Airfont380 GM.vstpreset (1.9 MB)

It should be set to go by GM1 protocols.

It has a hall reverb on Aux1, and Chorus on Aux3, as per GM Protocol.
I don’t know if HALion will accept the GM Sysex message to change the reverbs (don’t think it does), but it does accept GM CC91 for Reverb send, and CC93 for Chorus send.

If you want different Reverb and Chorus…must adjust manually.

In interest of GM Conformity, Channel 10 is set to ignore program changes. You do have to manually load the drum kit you want on channel 10 (Select Drum Kit Channel(s) and double click in Program Tree, or Drag and Drop from Program Tree), or the equivalent of channel 10 if using the other MIDI MIDI Ports.

Of course you can change this so the Drum Channels accept Program Changes, and host other instruments in those slots if it better fits your needs.

I think the release time is pretty substantial on the ensemble strings…a bit too much. I’ll revisit this when I get a chance and perhaps upload one with shorter releases on the strings.

Also, for Sonic users that don’t know…Sonic and Sonic SE do offer a General MIDI mode in the options tab.
Assigning General MIDI Program Change Numbers to Sounds
If you want to replace some of the factory instruments that the GM mode calls up with program changes, it’s done by assigning the proper Program Change, and changing the star rating of the programs in the sound browser. If multiple programs have the same program number, the one with the highest rating (most stars) gets loaded.

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Thanks for good follow comment.
It will helps many HALion Sonic users.

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You can use “drum mania controller” (for SONY older PlayStation) as electric drums on your Windows PC, if you got this sound-library mentioned in this article and a cheap connector.

Playing movie

drum mania controller

PlayStation to USB converting connector

How to connect your game controller as a MIDI device

I enjoyed SFX sound of this sound-font using a SONY-PlayStation gamepad. :laughing:

I wrote “Layer reduction control for the Piano tone controling” in lua script. It will be included in the next version(ver.3).![:slightly_smiling_face:|16x16]
I’ll provide it on my facebook page (see above).

“Musical Artifacts” allowed to register “airfont 380 Final for HALion Sonic SE v2.0”. I would like to thank everyone involved in the web site.🙂