Free Retrologue Programs

My Jupiter (9.99 KB)

Nexta Programme.
My Soggy Squelch (1.81 KB)

My State Farm (3.48 KB)

Sort of anyways.
My JX3P (1.69 KB)

My Bell DownPitch (3.22 KB)

My Sync Chorus (1.65 KB)

Goodbye (albeit poetic) 80’s
My Digi80s (1.86 KB)

A Low Frequency Oscillator comes in handy almost anytime.
My HypnoLFO (3.5 KB)

Sync it!
My SimpleLFO (3.28 KB)

If anyone (that haven’t already given a “thumbs up” for these programs) would like additional programs, please add thumbs up for the ones you like, and perhaps I’ll add a few more in that genre.

Hi! I was wondering if you know how to get a synth sound from Retrolouge 2 like this:

Listen @ 0:34 and you hear what kind of sound I mean. It kind of “wobbles and do other stuff too”… I will experiment to achive such sound myself but I have zero experience with synths (I mainly play bass, guitar and sing and do some midi drum stuff but never synth stuff, maybe some midi piano or organ stuff but then with “ready-made presets”).

Plus, I also like to know how to achive a synth sound like this (a song by the same rock band from the 70’s, The Sweet):

Listen from the beginning of the song and you’ll hear a synth thing going on with the cello…

Also on this song:

Also from the beginning of the song…

I’d love some help with these synth sounds and dont know where to ask because I’m completely new to playing around with synth sounds! I ask because I’m doing cover songs of this rock band and they use these synth sounds… Sigh! They sound fantastic though and where probably ahead of their time in the 70’s using synths… Any help with this would be fantastic! :slight_smile: I’ll try your presets too, maybe the synth sounds I’m looking for are in there somewhere… :slight_smile:

Amazingly enough, I was in a band in the late 1980’s that played a couple of Sweet songs for fun at a couple of local concerts in Sweden. I was a Sweet fan growing up.

Many of their sounds were based on LFO (like in all three tracks you linked), and what I was and still am impressed with is their use of envelope for pitch (like in “Burn on the Flame” or the infamous “Blockbuster”, got to love it). Few bands that I’ve heard since (even synth bands) use this other than occasionally. I adore the initial sound on “Fox on the Run” as well. Nice use of a play sound and effect. Another nugget is the space sound on the chorus build-up on “Hell Raiser”. :slight_smile:

Do you by any chance have access to a traditional analog synthesizer? This will make it easier (for a beginner) to make sounds like what you are asking for. It’s not hard at all really. Many are based on simple technics by todays standards. But as you can hear on most of their recordings, those melodies blend excellent into a mix.

I don’t have much free time at the moment (which is why I haven’t been active here lately) but when I get a chance I’ll pop some more sounds in here. If you have any questions (only people that laugh at questions are stupid), post them and I’ll answer when and if I can.

Play with the LFO’s and the filter cutoff/resonance to space out. These will get you going.
My Sweetness (6.67 KB)