Free room correction plugin as Cubase Control Room monitor insert

I use Sonarworks SoundID Reference headphone version as a monitor insert in Cubase (12 pro) Control Room.

Before I splurge on an upgrade to the Sonarworks speaker version, I was wondering if there is any free software which I could try which to be used as a monitor insert in Control Room in the same way as the headphone version?

You can use REW (or Room EQ Wizard) and an EQ curve plugin.

It’s pretty fidgety to do the measuring, but it does work.

You’ll need to read up on how to use it and watch a couple of YouTube videos. It’s pro-level software, so expect a steep learning curve!

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With Sonarworks you do need to use one of their calibrated mics that has its frequency response curve registered in their database. Then it takes the mic’s curve into account when measuring the speakers’ response curve so it only corrects for the speaker.

I wonder how REW handles the calibration mic?

Thanks for this. I wondered if REW might be an answer. Much research to do still.

You’d use a measurement mic and then load the profile for the mic (you download those from the manufacturer’s website).

Sonarworks is WAAAAY easier to use. REW is free but, even as a pretty experienced tech audio guy, REW was a challenge.

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Sonarworks plugin/standalone also does phase correction - which is as important as EQ