Free samplepack! 101 loops @ 126 bpm.

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I have produced a new free samplepack:

Loopsicle consists of 101 fresh, free loops for your Techno, Electro House and similar productions. You get both wav and rex versions. I have included 25 percussion samples too, which where cut out from the loops.

Here is a quick demo showcasing some of the sounds. No effects, compressors or eq’s where used to produce the demo, only raw sounds from the pack:

You can find the download link here:

Hope you like it, and if you do, then please spread it around the interwebz.

While you wait for the pack to arrive on your harddrive, then please take a minute to listen to some of my tunes: soundcloud/tonescape

Greetings from Germany - Tonescape

Cheers man. I have to admit I haven’t really gone through your previous pack yet, but it’s not going anywhere so I’ll get to it at some point :smiley:
Much appreciated.

Out of curiosity, why 126 bpm instead of 144 bpm?

@ Strophoid: I know the feeling, got quite a few packs in my system that needs to be looked at. But it’s always nice to have them available :slight_smile:

@ foolomon: Well, the short answer is that 126 is sort of my golden spot, it just feels right I think. I could have made them at a faster BPM, but it’s easier to upscale the tempo then to downscale, so 144 wouldn’t be a problem, especially if you use the .rex files, as everything just scales automatically.
If you downscale a 144 BPM loop to 126 BPM, you’d get silent gaps in between slices.

Thanks Tonescape, what is your license on these loops/samples?

They are released under CC License BY-ND 3.0, which means that you can freely distribute the pack, but you can’t change it and you have to credit me if you spread it around.

The samples are all 100% royalty free to use in non-commercial and commercial work.

In short: Use the samples any way you want, but remember to credit me if you share the pack :slight_smile: