Free seminar tomorrow on Dorico and musical theater!

New Musicals Inc is pleased to present a free video presentation by Steinberg’s very own John Barron on the applications of Dorico to musical theater score preparation.

The vital stats are…
The (online) seminar is entirely free
will last about two hours,
and is tomorrow, a.k.a. Saturday March 16th at 10am US Pacific Time / pm US East Coast Time / 5pm GMT (I believe I’ve done the Daylight Savings math there correctly)

The seminar will first give a bird’s-eye view of Dorico’s approach (probably familiar territory for everyone frequenting this forum) then delve into common formatting topics in theater scoring, such as dialogue cues, character names, blocks of text for dialogue or stage directions, and much more! We’ll cap things off with a Q&A.

Find more info or register here!


This will be awesome! So glad I saw this today. Will this seminar be recorded and available later, too?


I hope so! This will be happening at 4am here in Australia…


I am not entirely sure! If the seminar is made available later, I’ll post a link here.

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This is amazing! Looking forward to participate! I have just registered :slight_smile:


I’m planning on attending live, but not entirely sure if I’ll be able to stay for the entire two hours

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Really hope that it will be recorded and can be shared later!


+1 yes, same here.

Although MT isn’t my area, I enjoy JB’s style. Bound to pick up a thing or two along the way… :muscle: :slightly_smiling_face:


" blocks of text for dialogue or stage directions"

This is interesting and looking forward to how it is done, because one of my frequent feature requests in Dorico is to have more ‘lanes’ over/under the staff for expression text (ex. Noteflight has at least three separate lanes along the staff for various types of Texts), whereas currently Dorico only has one type of System Text object with only one ‘lane’ of placement ability over/under the staff.

Hi everyone. I’m pleased to say that the seminar was indeed recorded! Scroll down on the below page to the description of the seminar. You’ll find an embedded YouTube video, which you can watch there or on YouTube proper.

(Of course, feel encouraged to browse New Musicals Inc’s other course offerings while you’re there…)