Free SL pro 7 with soundforge 14 suite

I understand that this might not be Steinberg’s fault but I think they should be aware. I had SL Pro 6 and bought Soundforge pro 14 suite which came with an upgrade to sl pro 7.

Still, I have no activation code sent by Magix. Their support just says “we know you don’t have it.”

So to Steinberg please be aware of this nonsense, essentially a fraudulent transaction from the part of Magix.

To all you others out there who are waiting also.

I would urge Steinberg to think again about promotions with Magix. They have taken my money and not provided the product.

If its is Magix who sold it to you, then it is Magix and their channels where you should be looking at.

Since their forum is only accessible to registered users. I’d just paste here what their support team have answered to this request;

“The serial numbers for SL7 will probably be sent to you on August 18th by our sales team!”
Posted Friday at 07:15 AM
(from the Samplitude forum).

I bought the upgrade to Sound Forge Pro 14 suite yesterday and in an email from Magix; It included all the relevant activation codes. Including one for Steinberg Spectralayer pro 7.
Also included in the offer is Convology XT complete. So if you have an older version of sound forge it a cheaper way of getting spectralayer pro 7 rather the buying direct from Steinberg. ( assuming you don’t have an earlier version of Spectralayer pro).

But is this a full license that can be independently upgraded via Steinberg to say V8 in a year or so time or will you be locked into upgrading the Magix bundle everytime?

once the licence is on your elicencer then you’re in the steinberg system - upgrade codes just upgrade the licence on your elicencer.

TLDR: you’re not locked in to Magix

Magix emails the serial numbers to Sound Forge suite purchasers, but like emails from many companies, often get put in a Spam or Junk folder, so check those. If they were deleted, contact Magix Customer Service Sales Team which issues the serial numbers. Other support issues would be directed to Steinberg though.

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