Free SoundToys plug-in

Little Primal Tap. Go get it:

Registered… Got the 64bit version… Installed… Called it up on an insert… crashed Cubase…

Did it all over again… Same result…

Here’s another one:


No problem with 32-bit version here

Don’t really want to get back into 32 bit bridging… No big deal anyway… I can live happily without a lex primetime emulator…

64 bit version working here on C7.5 Make sure you update your iLok software to very latest version or trouble will ensue for some reason. Otherwise, this is another nice simple “vintage style” delay great for those who might not be able to afford Echoboy or Waves H-Delay. If you already have an iLok it is worth trying out.

So it’s not really free , you have to own an ilok ?

No, but you have to install the iLok License Manager.

You have to have/make an iLok account. There you have to activate your authorization (through the iLok Manager).
You can choose to put your license on an iLok or on your computer. Hence, you don’t need an iLok.

Hope this helps.

Works just fine under Win7 64bit and is well worth having and imho is as good as plugins costing hundreds of dollars, for what it does… been seriously considering their echo boy plugin for a while now too…

And as stated previously you DO NOT need to own an iLok… you just need to create an iLok account and install their iLok manager software…

I am reticent about upgrading iLok because I fear it might break the Lex plugins… Has anyone using the Lex PCM plugs upgraded iLok to 2.3.1?

I was concerned too as one or two of the Slate plugins were problematic with iLok when it was first released so i was reticent to update… i also have melodyne which was not working properly in C7.5 initially but i had to update to the new iLok manager in order to install the update to that… i needn’t have worried… it works beautifully here!

Thanks for this information… Sounds encouraging… I’ll give it a go.

Cubase still crashing when instantiating the plug… Even after upgrading iLok… Oh well…

Update: Cubase must be ‘Run as Administrator’ the first time the plugin is used after which Cubase can be launched normally.


Nice to see you got it sorted! :wink:

Thanks for the help!!

Use my code anyone…