Free Soundtoys Plugin The Little Micro Shift.

Its that time of year again for the Soundtoys giveaway plugin presenting The Little Micro Shift.

Sharing code 219-5390-279.

If you’ve got an ilok use the free code and your set.

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Little MicroShift is anything but little. It adds massive width, enormous depth, and huge thickness to vocals, guitars, synths, whatever. Emulating three of the most sought after micro pitch-shifting sounds from two of the all time classic pieces of gear that made the technique famous (including one our designers created “wink”), Little MicroShift puts them right at your fingertips. All you have to do is find a code and this little slice of studio sweet sauce is yours.

MicroShift. Coming April 2013
This upgrade from Little MicroShift will take this classic technique to new levels with a unique and powerful SoundToys spin.

A Bit of History
The technique has been around since the early days of pitch-shifting, using devices like the Eventide H910(x2), H3000, the AMS DMX 15-80, and all the way to plug-ins like our own SoundBlender and PurePitch. The idea is fairly simple, small amounts of delay and or pitch-shift panned hard left and right. The formula’s are all a bit different on all the devices, but the effect is essentially the same. It adds a width, space, depth, and thickness to vocal and background vocals. Of course it’s been used on lots of other things but that’s kind of where it started. It’s also still a vital part of most mix engineers “bag of tricks”.


I tried the plugin : it’s really good.
Here are samples :

Sample 1 is the raw tone (no effect)
Sample 2 is the tone with preset I and mix full wet
Sample 3 is the tone with preset I and mix half wet
Sample 4 is the tone with preset II and mix full wet
Sample 5 is the tone with preset II and mix half wet
Sample 6 is the tone with preset III and mix full wet
Sample 7 is the tone with preset III and mix half wet

Full wet gives pure stereo. Half wet adds some modulation effect.

Here’s my redemption code : 387-0008-045

PS : All the infos are here :
To register to SoundToys, you need to enter your ilock user ID to register. Then you have to login and enter the redemption code.
Soundtoys will send an email with the link to download the plug. Soundtoys will also send a licence to ilock so you will have to transfer this licence from to your ilock. Be sure to have the most recent driver (iLok Driver Installer) and transfert software (iLok Client Installer) installed on your computer (see the download section on


Thanks to those who have used the share - appreciated


Damn - missed it.
How does it sound - worth the full version when released?

It’s a great little plugin and worth demo. Looking forward to the final release tbh.

A good all round effect to be honest. Worth checking out Tal Audios TAL-Chorus-LX if no ilok or after a freebie.