Free Soundtoys saturation plug with this code :)

Head over to and follow the link then punch in 245-4831-113 as the code to get your free Little Radiator :slight_smile: Its only good for 6 more days so jump on it if you are keen…


And helps you to some other prizes from Soundtoys …

My code would be 246-2240-924, but I don’t need any other stuff from them.
So better take his …lol…

Hehe Big K - actually the last competition they did with Devil-Loc was good for me as that plugin is one that I use in nearly every mix now! And I got it free :wink:


Way to go !!!

Hm … these toys need a iLok, don’t have it and don’t need it. Better, its times to drop by Waves V9 Plugins now :wink: