Free update to Cubase not working

There is a link in the locked topic which says that behind it there is a free update to the latest Cubase for registered users. I tried that link but it just takes me to Steinberg homepage. Where can I find an update for my Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5.0?

I wonder why I cannot connect my AirPods with this Cubase 9.5 version? Do they work if I update Cubase? What if I upgrade it, are my AirPods working with Cubase 10.5?


The link doesn’t work anymore, you are right. Please get in contact with your local Steinberg support or official Steinberg support for the license update.

I cannot find any local Steinberg support. My product is registered in Malawi and there is no Steinberg support in this country.
What are the contact details for official international Steinberg support. Where can I write email or find chat or such?