Free upgrades, 40% off etc.. what about the rest of us?

If you buy Artist you can upgrade to Pro 10;5 for free, or if you own an early version of Cubase you can upgrade for nearly 50% cheaper…

What about your loyal users who have given Steinberg hard earned cash to keep up to date etc… loyalty gets you nothing?
Why not offer 10.5 pro owners 40% off Wavelab, or some other VST instruments etc…
Do something for the guys who have been there and supported you…

You could have crossgraded to Nuendo for 40% off…

Who buys Nuendo?
A mate of mine just recently down-graded from Nuendo to Cubase 10.5 - he was the only person I knew who used it (and now doesn’t).

Well, I am sure that is all that matters in your world, but probably not for a everyone.

It gets you the convenience of updating or upgrading as soon as you want without having to wait for a sale.
It works the same way with applesauce at the grocery store. You can buy it when you need it or want it or choose to wait until it’s on sale.

Another few months to go in 2020…

Was there a 40% offer , ohh bugger !

Ends today. You may still be able to get in on it.

I already have it :wink:

I went from 10.0 to 10.5 this morning-still available. Won’t install it until I have some free time and no projects.