Free UVI workstation soundbanks

Checked the plugin section before i posted this as it’s technically the right place but figured more people might see it in here…

UVI are having a giveaway of their ‘Digital Synsations’ soundbank but only ‘through sept 13th’

you need the code ‘FREEDS’ and you can find it here…

you also need an iLok account but don’t need an iLok…

Thanks Matt :slight_smile:

+1, thanks, up and running with uvi workstation & digital sims


I’ve managed to get digital synsations free with a Korg Nanokontrol. I’m able to get it to work by running the UVI workstation but I want to be able to add it as a VST in cubase? I can’t see any way of doing this because there’s only a UFS file. Has anyone managed it? Could some kind soul possibly tell me how I make this possible?

Many thanks,

First you need to register it to your iLok manager, then open cubase and load an instance of UVI Workstation or Falcon, open the patch browser in that and then navigate your way to the location that your UFS files are stored, I keep mine on my E:\ with most of my other library files for things like BFD and Halion, and then load it from there.