Free version of Cubase

Steinberg, when are we going to have a free version of Cubase? The reason i’m asking is that i’ve been a Cubase user for years and value this software a lot. I also know that there’s a lot of beginners who would like to have a dedicated DAW to get into the world of audio recording. Im aware that the full version of cubase can be trialed out for 30 days but this would not be as helpful and useful to any beginers out there if they would have a free version of cubase that they could be using/learning for more than 30 days. The competition, Avid for example, already has their free version of protools (Intro) up and running. So why can’t Steinberg do the same?

Who will pay for the development and maintenance of this free product?

Well, there already is a free version. The AI and LE versions that come with some hardware.

It’s just not freely available for everyone.

If you pay money for something, it is by definition not free. I.e. bundled software is not free software.

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Yeah why not?

Cubase LE would make an excellent free DAW, much better than Pro Tools Intro or Studio One Prime.

Yep, why restrict LE to an being an audio interface addition? The product is there, they could make it available to everyone.
Sure, a completely free LE version might mean more support requests, but seeing that Steinberg support is pretty much non existent anyway, wouldn’t make much difference.
But other companies also offer their lite versions as bundled software (Ableton, Bitwig), so there must be some reason behind it that we might not know…


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Just like the competitors out there, i believe it would be Steinberg’s responsibility to maintain and provide support for this, unless there is a better answer to your question?

@mlindeb is right!. It’s not free if you have to buy the hardware. One should not be restricted to Steinberg hardware only if you are only trying their software.


Agreed. It’s just a marketing tactic to “encourage” users to buy their hardware and at the same time try Cubase, which i believe does not give consumers a choice here.

Yeah remember when Digidesign released ProTools Free??

It was cracked pretty quickly and someone figured out how to enable the rest of the tracks and give you Pro Tools LE without having to buy it…