Free Video tutorials fro PRO 9.5

Dear all, Would anyone please explain to me where can I find free tutorials for Cubase . I have recently bought Cubase 9 , upgraded to 9.5 but stil have to start learning how to use it. It says that we are entitled to 5 hours of free video tutorial … can anyone please help
Best regards
And 695.000 results searching cubase in youtube

Dear All,
As I understood , whoever buys the Cubase is entitled to five hours of FREE tutorial. Would anyone please let me know where can I find those videos ?
Best regards

Cubase channel in YouTube as linked above.

Thank you Buyacia and Planarchist

Not exactly on topic - apologies to the OP - but you can view too many tutorial videos. ‘Oh, I’ll just watch another one, it’s only 4.32 long’.

I plead guilty to that charge.

Look at the videos, then go to Cubase and practise what you’ve seen. Over and over again.

My favourite video topic? Keyboard shortcuts.

Hehe very true. While ill a few months back, I paid for a months sub to Macprovideo and spent two weeks literally watching vid after vid of all my Native Instruments software, Cubase, Omnisphere and a few other things.

Was very very interesting, not sure how much in reality I can actually remember, but better than watching day time tv :grinning: