Free Vocal Samples - Merry Xmas!

The 3rd Volume of the Vocal Hazard Pack, “Naughty Vocal Hazard Mouth” is completed for the holidays as a present to you! Warning, NSFW! These are free to use even in commercial projects under the CC-BY license(all]( details are in the “READ ME” file) just like the other volumes and they have the same “high-quality” recording - Neumann u87 microphone and a Avalon 2022 Preamp - all recorded within a professional recording studio.

Audio examples:

Download link:

All details with listed contributors can be found in the, “READ ME” file.

If you didn’t get Volumes 1 & 2, you can have them for free also:


Direct download:

Audio examples:


Direct download:

Audio examples:

Happy Holidays! We hope you find them useful, and if they don’t find their way into your DAW, hopefully they bring you a few chuckles :wink:

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Note, if you see no use for them as they are, Elenne gave this great tip a couple years ago:
“The scream of a human voice has some nice harmonics. There’s probably a good use of those samples when stretched and used in FM synthesis. You can also extract a single cycle and create some weird synth sound with it.”

Did you record the screams after or while working in cubase?:stuck_out_tongue:
-cuz thats how i just felt… After 20 years in DAW land, i have to keep reminding myself that cubase is good and a patience and keep calm trainer…
Rly tho, give me one year at steinberg and you all would be happy campers… (Not as a coder, but as a priority setter, make things betterer, leader and motivator)

Merry xmas:)

Edit: with all due respect, in high regards and staying positive;)

Editedit: do you have any female spoken samples? Preferably a smexy/sultry half whisper and normal voice saying things like:
You’re beautiful
You’re wonderful
? Things like that? - you know, positive stuff?:stuck_out_tongue:

Heh nice. I have no use for these but it’s funny to listen to.
Get an irishman for volume 4 :wink:

ggc, yes, in volume 1 we have a couple females who were kind enough to record with us. You’ll have to listen to them to decide on your other questions :wink:

Strophoid, that’s a great idea. Now, how to find an Irish man…

VST connect? I’m sure there are some people in Ireland who use Cubase.