Free VST for the holidays

Came across this, thought I’d share.

I installed this last night and played with it for about 10 mins. It’s not bad, you know, for FREE.

Could be a fun thing to have in the tool box.

I think the FREE offer runs out Dec 31, and then it’s $49 (US) after that. So why not.

Played with it yesterday and the stuff i tried it out on worked great. Simple to use. Free (for now). And I like the big Knob on the front.

It’s a bit unclear what “free until Dec 31” means.

Does it mean it’s a two-week demo expiring at the end of the year? Or maybe it means get it now because we’ll start charging for it on January 1st?

The last two “Holiday Gifts” from NI were free permanent licenses.

Could be like how sound toys devil loc was released. Free at first then a more featured version was released for a nominal fee. I bit and I love the effect.

SUPERCHARGER takes the legwork out of perfectly-tuned compression.

I already have one of these though.

Just read the whole advert. :laughing: what a foofy sales pitch.

Why can’t NI call it a “Christmas Gift”? :imp:

They’ve done this before. It means that the (perpetual) license is free until Jan 1, after which they start charging for new licenses. So get it now.

What a lousy excuse for a C’mas gift, lol. I downloaded the free Waves Renaissance Bass plug-in for Black Friday and now I use it on my kick drum all the time. Works much better than EQ; they might offer it again, be on the lookout.

IMHO this is not kool.

Just a digital version of the old ‘bait and switch’.

If it is [free for a limited time], please state that.

Fingerwag/fistshake/blackmark for NI in my book.

I went to get this a couple of days ago, and they sent me the DL link which has now expired (48Hrs) since I forgot about it.
An omen!
After rethinking…, I don’t really need this. It seems not too dissimilar to the dial-up channel strip included in my UR28M.

I can send you the download if you want :wink:
I have the windows version.

I don’t see the problem? They’re giving this away for free, what’s wrong with that? Just request a key now and it’ll be free forever.

Thanks, but I’ve decided I don’t need/want it. :wink:

Stroph: that won’t work, because you’re required to activate it too and the license key to do that is provided in the email sent to you with the download link.

Curteye, I think you’re misinterpreting the [free for a limited time] concept of this gift… If person A gets it now it’s free and it remains free for person A. If person B gets it after 12/31 person B will have to pay 49$. It’s not like person A gets it now for free and the same person A suddenly will have to pay a license after 12/31 to continue to use it.

So in my eyes there’s nothing wrong with it (although person B will not be amused when person A tells him what a fool he has been :slight_smile: ), you can safely unfingerwag/unfistshake/unblackmark NI for this :slight_smile:

Got it!

Ma bad!

Thanks, I’m NI owner and didn’t hear about this :slight_smile:

Will play with it tonight!

It’s a decent, easy to use compressor, I may be wrong but activating this I think allows NI to scan with control center for NI software you are using.