Free Warp only sometimes?

Hi all,

sometimes, i double click on an audio part and it pops open across the bottom of the screen and my cursor is “free warp” so i can just grab audio and warp it around. But then i choose another cursor type such as “zoom” and then i cant get the cursor back into “free warp” no matter how hard i try. I mean theres no “free warp” cursor selection button. The only way to then free warp the audio is to use the “Open in Separate Window” button and THEN there is on the left the option box to select Free Warp in the new window. Thats two windows i have to open to be able to Free Warp audio , when before it was just the one double click and i could Free Warp.

Whats going on here? how do i get it back to be able to Free Warp on the lower popup window ?

many thanks,