Free Zoom or select scale? (GUI size)

Why doesn’t Retrologue 2 have the ability to free zoom the plugin or at least select a scale factor? At 1080p, the controls are super tiny and a strain on the eyes. But Retrologue wants my system scaling at 150% (ridiculous!) before it changes size and becomes un-usably massive. The latter part proves that the graphics exist in HD, so why not just let us control our own zoom factor with a menu option?


i agree. on 1440P (100%) this thing looks tiny…

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It is impossible to work with on a 4K Display. Oldschool sounds are good, bat oldschool gui is a no go. Take a look at Arturia or Cherry Audio.

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I heavily agree. This Synth needs a GUI Update. If not to be scaleable, so at least a few size levels to choose from. This can’t be so much work. On 4K this is to small. Sad, because the sound is still great, but hard to use with this tiny GUI on a modern screen setup. Please give us a bigger interface.