(Freebe!) If you haven't got an LA-2A compressor....

Computer Music are giving Ik Multimedia’s excellent T-RackS “White 2A” away with this month’s issue - so okay,it’s not free but £6.99 - worth every penny for this superb compressor.

Some other notable Computer Music plugins which come with every issue which I still use despite having plenty of top-end stuff - including most of the UAD greats.

D16 GroupFrontier - great clean limiting, or nice soft clip mode.
SKnote Snap - quick to use transient enhancer, no better or worse than Cubase’s but definitely different sound to it which sometimes works better - particularly on snares).
Accoustic Audio Pink - a decent API EQ - very creamy and lush.
Audiothing ValveFilter, nice valve filters
PSP cmDelay - can’t have enough delays! Like everything from PSP this sounds great.
Lindex 6X-500-CM really nice preamp - great for fattening kicks - really warm
Sonimus SatsonCM another nice warming channel emulation.
Both of the two above I’ve used to good effect on every channel of a (retro) mix, when I’ve had to mix away from home and didn’t have my UAD gear with me. (along with Variety Of Sounds deeply impressive tape saturation (FerricTDS) https://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/downloads/ )

PS another great thing about the TRackS White 2A which makes it mega useful even if you have other quality LA2As is it has Stereo/Mono and (unusually for a LA2A) Mid/Side modes. I find the side mode really is nice in things like brass or horn blasts when they are used as little motifs for ear candy.