As many of you know, I’ve just had my latest album “The Dome of Clement” mastered at Trillium, Quebec, Canada.
Sounds awesome. Should be available in a few weeks…

Anyway, goodly soul that I am, here are two tracks you can download absolutely free. Enjoy:


Enjoyed them both, Phil.
On simple life, I kept hearing things - like - didja consider smothering it with power chords? :sunglasses:
I think it’d be really nice with a tender vocal. Works as is, though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments Lenny :sunglasses: Glad you like em :sunglasses:

Hiya, Phil :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see you finally “broke on through to the other side”. :laughing:

Had a listen to both and they sound good here. Congrats on the upcoming release and best of luck. :sunglasses:

Sounding good!

Well done Phil!

Sherz’s smilie needs glasses and a cap :slight_smile:

Nate, Ian, Paul. Thanks for the listen and encouragement. Final album duplication this weekend. Off to CD Baby next week, couple of days later it’s out there :sunglasses:

Cheers everyone :sunglasses:

Hi Phil

You’ve sure got great ways of evoking moods :sunglasses:
Well done on these tracks and here’s a toast to you on the successful completion of this project.

All the best
Glyn :slight_smile:

Thanks Glyn, covered in print as we speak :laughing: