freeze channel

I have a reverb effect that eats up a lot of my processing power. I would like to be able to freeze the effect, not on the audio channel, but later in my chain.

I generally send several vocal tracks to a group track that has processing effects on the inserts and then send the signal from the group track to the effects channels. Freezing an audio channel or using offline processing ,which as far as i can see only works for audio tracks, aren’t options for me in this scenario.

I haven’t found a way to freeze a group channel or inserts in a group channel or effects channels.

Can someone suggest and alternative that would work within the audio chain described above?


You can Export Audio Mixdown and export just some wanted dedicated channel(s). For example FX or Group Channel. After export you can immediately import it back to the project.

Maybe I’m not quite understanding this. If i export the channel and then import the channel back in aren’t I once again using all of the processor power that I was hoping to avoid?


No, you will export the sound, which comes out from the FX Channel. Then you can Mute the FX channel and the plug-ins will not use the CPU.

Thanks, that’s an excellent idea!