Freeze function in the future?

I’m a media composer for TV, now I have a free week between projects and I’m giving Dorico the time that it deserves. Template-wise it works good with VEP6, for now I’ve created 70+ tracks in a Full Template Layout that I’m gonna save as a Template Song, then I will use the instruments I need for every piece in another layout.

Dorico is a beautiful software and it’s very nice to write with, but today, after finishing my last show, I realised that without freezing the tracks I would not be able to use Dorico as my workhorse in the future. In order to deliver my work, the freeze function is essential.

Of course that I need real time input and Velocity Lane in Play Mode, but without the Freeze Function(or Render In Place/Bounce In Place functions), I cannot change LPX/Cubase for Dorico.

Eventually I always have to freeze or render because of the number of Kontakt voices from the SSD or CPU spikes, or both. Also for mixing and archiving purposes I always render the audio of every track, so I mix better.
By the way, what’s the maximum number of tracks that Dorico allows to create? I´d need to create a big template.

I congratulate everybody in the team, Dorico is a great program. I’d love to see you implement those things in the future, because I’d love to work with Dorico only.


Why not use a slave computer or two?

Hi, I work great with one machine, a MacPro 64GB several SSDs, and my template has more than 300 tracks. I never liked the workflow with slaves, and you don’t need that anymore. Its better to purchase a 12+ core, runs smooth. I have LPX sessions with hundreds of Kontakts and no problemo.

I just need to freeze a couple of tracks in large sessions, and if I have time I render every track to audio to mix better. And I´d do that too if I´d have slaves machines, the archiving it’s importante for me.

We don’t have immediate plans for freeze but it’s a feature that does make sense for users with big VE setups like yours, so it’s something that we can consider for future versions. We do already have some of the parts in place for this.

There’s no specific limit to the number of instruments in Dorico (though you would be more practically constrained by paper sizes…). Currently Dorico is limited to one ‘track’ (ie one channel of a VST instrument) per Dorico instrument. In the future though we want to extend this so that voices can be routed independently, and also provide support for big orchestral library template workflows. Rather than having a single line split over multiple channels and VSTs, you would set up a Playback Template that specifies how you want your instruments split. So it’s as if Dorico would maintain a big Cubase project behind the scenes and then would dynamically route to each VST whenever the playing technique changes.

Great, I look forward to it, in the meantime I’ll keep an eye on your social media and the forum.