Freeze in Steinberg hub screen during start


I am seeing freeze during start of cubase 9.5 in steinberg hub screen. Just to inform i am having the latest update of cubase 9.5.21. The issue started happening once i updated my windows 10 PC with the latest windows April update. When i tried to analyze what is making cubase 9.5 not responding, i see two threads stuck in the wait chain. I see the below message for those threads.

one of more threads of cubase 9.5 are waiting to finish network i/o.

The issue goes off when i reboot the PC. Opening cubase after the reboot will work fine, but if i close cubase and open it again, the same issue is seen.

Hi and welcome,

Might be, there is some message window hidden behind Steinberg Hub. Could you open the Windows menu?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?