Freeze Markers Track at Top When Scrolling Up and Down?

Is there a way you can freeze a specific track like the Markers or Chord Track at the top of project so when you scroll up and down, it will always remain at the top? Kind of like the “Freeze Panes” in Microsoft Excel.

Yes. Look up ‘Track Divider’ in the manual (not at my machine right now…). Its a button at the top right corner of the Track List, near the ruler/timeline if I remember correctly, in the Arrange window (really tiny - very easy to miss if you don’t know its there…!).

It will split the track list view, so you can have whatever you want in the ‘top’ pane stay put, whilst you scroll away in the ‘bottom’ pane - exactly what you’re looking for… :wink:


In Cubase you would use the “Divided Track List”.

On the far right, top of the Project Window there is a forward slash. Click it.

edit: Heh, Puma beat me to it…

Yep - you got it steve; REALLY tiny thing…! The picture helps a ton though - and once you know its there, well, you always know its there…!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I set “/” as the keyboard shortcut to it too.

Oohh that is an awesome nugget of information!

Thank you!

Thanks all. Exactly what I was looking for.

thanks great tip! just what I was looking for