Freeze MIDI Tracks


When triggering Multiple Out Instruments with MIDI Tracks, how to freeze the MIDI Information into Audio?
I could use the exchange of the MIDI Track with Audio information from a certain stage without loosing the MIDI for later edits.

Cubase seems to seperate MIDI and Audio and not allowing hybrid tracks here. So, do you use two tracks when working with freezed tracks and where do they occur?



What about to use Render in Place?

Hey Martin,

exactly what I searched for as a newbie. Is there a good tutorial how to organize the MIDI and rendered audiotracks in the go for a larger scoring project? What is a good practice in Cubase handling MIDI and its rendered Audio tracks?

I guess, you would work with the visibility of tracks and maybe folders and such…What is a bit uncommon for me is having two tracks: The Midi AND(!) the audiotrack for one musical information so to speak.

THX so much for my digging in a bit deeper here with your rendering advice



Myself I don’t use Render In Place or any kind of Freeze to get an real Audio file. I’m using the Audio Return Channels for the Insert effects, if necessary and that’s it. If someone needs to export specific track, I can always do it in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog.

But in case I would need to use it, yes, I would use tracks and visibility. Maybe I would even make a Project Logical Editor preset to hide all rendered or not-rendered tracks.

Hello All,
I also had the same kind of question as byxx. How do you freeze or render midi tracks. My particular scenario is as follows.
I’m triggering a snare. I have all the hit points converted to a midi track. That midi track is feeding an audio track that has a trigger plugin inserted.
The freeze option does nothing. And when I try to render in place not happens. At the moment my only option is to export audio mix down.
In this clip he simply selects the “instrument” track get his RIP settings and away it goes.
An similarly on this video as well. Neither of which demonstrate my scenario. Any one know if and how I can render midi tracks in place?


Where are your MIDI tracks routed to?

Do you mean you have a separate track acting as the trigger for the snare? Like a Gate Sidechain or something?

Try setting the trigger track to Solo Defeat. To do this, click on Solo while holding Alt. This will prevent the trigger track from muting itself when you render in place or freeze.