Freeze on iMac Pro - Big Sur

Seem to be having a freeze when trying to register a noise - S7 Pro just sits there saying noise registered when trying to do this…
Steps are select noise to register - fine…
Register Noise - system just sits there with the pop up window saying noise registered, will not let me do anything else, so the only option is to force quit. Quit menu does not actually indicate “not responding”.

Just wondered if it was just me, happens on standalone and within Cubase Pro too.

This is on iMac Pro 32GB RAM Big Sur 11.2.2

Are you sure SL is compatible with Big Sur?

Good thought and thanks for replying - according to the support website it should be on Intel which is what I have, not yet on Silicon Macs.

“While many [emphasis mine] of our products are compatible with macOS Big Sur on Intel-based systems…”

That’s pretty vague. I’d wait for official confirmation in the SL instruction manual before I decided to try SL on Big Sur, regardless of hardware platform. Just saying.

Agreed but this was the OS that shipped with my machine.
Hopefully this flags up an issue if indeed there is one for others.

Just upgraded to 7.0.30 which has just appeared and all seems to be working!

They should have put that fix in the release notes, what with the interest in Big Sur. Don’t know why they didn’t.