Freeze To Track Version - creates temporary track version you can decide to keep

It would be great that if when you freeze a track, it just creates a rendered track version in which you can decide to keep when you unfreeze.

If you decide to keep, it bypasses inserts and channel EQ/stuff.

So it would essentially flip a synth/instrument track into an audio track? then when you click back on to the 1st track version it flips back to a synth.
I could get down with that idea, its a nice way to implement bounce in place but all in one track (keeping the original synth).

Sometimes i hate the fact that bounce in place creates another track, i would definitely be down to have a freeze track all contained in one thing.
So you then have synths bounced to audio & can cut up and use & more importantly MOVE AROUND which you cant do with the current freeze track.
& also still have the synth data contained within that freeze track, so if you want to go back to make some changes, you always can.


Yes potentially that would have to be adapted as well, which would actually be kind of cool. This might be in general, a bit of a track version rethink which would require some new protocols.

With VSTi’s it would essentially freeze and render the audio to a track version, but there would need to be some sort of protocol to flip between TrackVerion mode and real-time mode.

It would speed things up, whether or not it could create confusion in a project/workflow I’m not sure.