Freeze when pugging headphones in

Dorico is freezing almost every time I plug in my headphone. Also it doesn’t switch back to internal speakers when I unplug the headphones.
I’m using a 16inch MacBook Pro with 10.15.7
Is this a bug or do I do something wrong?

I usally hide Dorico and goto Finder before plug/unplug headphones.
It’s the same problem in Sibelius. It’s a Mac thing I think.


Thanks I will try this. If it’s a mac think it should happen with other audio software as well but it doesn’t …

It does with Sibelius for me on a Mac. Been like that for ages.
MacBook Pro 2015 with Catalina


If you encounter this freeze again, please run Activity Monitor, select the Dorico process in the list of processes, and from the cog menu in the toolbar choose Sample Process, then zip up the resulting text file and attach it here. Restart Dorico and do Help > Create Diagnostic Report to generate a set of diagnostics, and upload them too, together with a note telling us the time (as close as you can recall) that Dorico froze up.

Hi Daniel,

Here the reports. Dorico just froze again after plugging my speakers in the headphone plug.
The Time of the freeze was ca. 11:31
I hope it helps.



Error (173 KB)

Dorico (824 KB)

It appears that when your speakers are plugged in, Dorico can’t find a valid audio output, and so it’s unable to process any events. When the speakers are plugged in, check in the Device Setup dialog that the correct device and port are selected.

How can I check the output when Dorico is frozen. The problem appears when I use an external interface before I quit dorico. The next time I start dorico (maybe the next day) without the external interface. Then I plug my headphones in and dorico freezes. This happens only with dorico. Max, Logic, Protools etc. have no problem with this. Anyway I can avoid that. It seems that I have to check the audio settings in Dorico every time I start it in order not to run into that problem.

when the speaker is plugged in it is through the headphone plug in my MacBook. Why can’t Dorico find this one? All other apps do so…