I get lots of freezes when starting wavelab.
Especially when the last file opened is one on a network drive.
Sometimes I even have to rename that file just to get wavelab started

Also, when in prefrences resetting default answers so i have the choice what generalwindow layout to use, this works fine for a while, and then the option just dissapears and wavelab opens what was open last time it was closed.

I noticed there is some improvement when staying away from network drives to save or open files.
Or when pointing wavelab in it’s own filebrowser away from the network drive.

The folder on the network drive i’m accessing has lot’s of files in it,
around 6000, maybe that’s the problem ?

Network access is slower by nature. But optimizations have been done from WaveLab 8.5. It was slower in WaveLab <= 8.0

Have you tried removing the Filebrowser tabs from all of your default layouts (montage, audiofile, and global)? I find layouts open much quicker on startup if the filebrowsers are not there at all, whether they would have been pointed at network or local folders. I never used the filebrowsers anyway. Maybe they’re ok if in the background on open, but I always ended up with them in the foreground at one time or another. It was easier just to get rid of them completely.

Been having problems with WL 8.5.3 for quite a while.

Random crashes and freezes, Not fun. I feel for you!~