Freezed track in Cubase delayed heavily (c. 2 bars)

I am very confused now.

I am freezing a track with insert reverb in Cubase 8.5 pro. The track is simple midi-sequence starting from bar 2. When freezed the track starts to play at 4th bar 3dr beat. So it can not be any millisecond/latency problem.

The project is very simple, just two track - this freezed one and one playing Drum-machine.

What is happening here or what I am doing wrong? Any help appreciated!

What is the instrument you are freezing?
Have you tried to see if it’s only with this instrument it happens?
Have you tried render in place instead of freeze? WHat does this do?

It was not the instrument (earlier Waves Codex, then Uhe Tyrell), so something is really wrong with freeze.
Render in Place did work! From now on I will use that (I never liked freezing anyway, because it did not show the audio file)
Thanks, you saved my day!