Freezes after a few key commands

First two days with Dorico after 25 years on Finale. Dorico crashes (beachball) after only a few key commands. Doesn’t seem to matter what the key commands are. Force quit - reopen - a few different key commands - freeze. Any thoughts? Mac Pro (2010) High Sierra 10.13.6. Thanks in advance.

The usual advice when something is going wrong like that is to launch Dorico, in the Help menu, create a diagnostic file (which will appear in your desktop) and send that file to the devs (zip it and attach it here)
Someone should chime in and help you fast with this.

Thanks Marc. Following your suggestion, here is the Diagnostic Report.
The freezing happens regularly whether:

  1. adding instruments
  2. entering notes
  3. hitting Play in the transport or with space bar.

I know there are a lot of instruments in this score but the same happened with a much smaller ensemble.
Beachball lasts for a few minutes.
Dorico (1.21 MB)

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with Dorico, Christopher. My guess is that you have a MIDI device that’s flooding Dorico with messages and it’s getting tied up in knots trying to respond to them. It looks as if you have a Komplete Kontrol S88 connected to your computer: can you try temporarily disconnecting it and seeing it that allows Dorico to work without freezing, as a diagnostic step?

This is the same comment, verbatim, as the OP. I’m a little confused.

That poster is a spammer, and probably also a bot. I will remove that post and ban that account.

A simple solution! I’d rebooted Dorico, rebooted the computer, but didn’t think to turn the S88 off and on. I’ve now worked for a few hours without any freezing. Thanks Daniel.