Freezes when add group channel


I’ve heard that if I have some glitches/freezes when I add new tracks it’s better to add a group channel and route there all the necessary tracks. So how I did. I removed all the inserts from selected tracks and added the same inserts to the group channel. But instead I got much more freezes and lags. Why is that? Does anyone encounter such issue?

That is some bogus advice that makes no sense to me.
Most likely, you need to increase your buffer size of your ASIO driver.

So you’re saying that having 100 vocal tracks with 10 inserts on each track will use the same amount of CPU/RAM in case if I create one group channel for all 100 vocal tracks, remove inserts on all 100 vocal tracks and apply inserts only on group channel?

Well I found the trouble plugin - realphones

Switching off this plugin will stop Cubase from having those glitches and freezes, but I need to use that monitoring plugin =((

Right now its 512. When I change it to 1024 the project simply won’t start playing the project. It increases the indicators of some tracks and audio performans starts peaking and no sound plays at that time

Is that with or without the Realphones plugin?

Without this plugin everything works perfectly fine.
I guess realphones is a “heavy” thing, so I suppose I need to reorganioze the usage of my plugins on vocal tracks…

This plug-in is intended for the Control Room in Cubase. Is that where you put it?
Perhaps contacting the manufacturer is an idea?

I was using in on a Stereo Out bus… But is there a difference?))