Freezing audio tracks with sidechaining

Happy New Year
I have had to freeze various audio tracks due to CPU restrictions in Cubase Pro 10. A lot of these tracks have AI and Sidechaining plugins interacting with the rest of the mix.
Does Cubase process these interactions and bake the changes onto the track when freezing? Or is Sidechaining for example disabled?
I can’t render in realtime, but can I export my group tracks using Multiple Track export without freezing and bypass the “CPU Overload” issue?
Please help as I’m at the bounce down of my album mix after 3 long years

Stay positive


No, it doesn’t.

It’s not disabled. The Side Chain works in the real time ofter the Freeze.

You can use Export Audio Mixdown and choose the bus, you want to export.

Thank you so much Martin.
I will export my busses and groups (unfrozen) individualy and will deactivate other tracks if necessary.